Equipment & Financing Solutions

As a vendor-independent infrastructure and consulting company, FFCI offers an extensive portfolio of leasing, consulting, and asset management solutions for a broad range of equipment - from IT and medical systems to telecom and document imaging technologies.


Equipment Leasing

As organizations look to stretch their limited CapEx budgets as far as possible, leasing has become an increasingly important tool for funding new equipment investments. Ancillary benefits of leasing include shifting the risk of technology obsolescence to the lessor, along with the responsibilities for equipment disposal.

Whether your organization is looking to invest capital in areas more critical to building shareholder value or is simply seeking to minimize debt, entrust your equipment financing requirements to FFCI and realize the following business benefits:

  • Conserve investment capital and preserve valuable credit lines
  • Avoid technology obsolescence
  • Effectively manage your asset portfolio
  • Realize greater operational and financial flexibility
  • Maximize the tax benefits to be gained via lease financing
  • Reduce purchasing time and administrative costs

In an industry where many equipment lessors look alike and offer little value-added to their clients, FFCI places a premium on customer service, with the ability to respond quickly to the equipment financing needs of its clients with smart, practical solutions.

Reconditioned Equipment

Don't need the "latest and greatest" technology? Looking to stretch your CapEx dollars a little further? If so, let FFCI help you join the growing list of organizations that have discovered the financial advantages of reconditioned equipment solutions in meeting their business needs.

Often at price points that provide savings of 75% or more off the cost of comparable new technologies, FFCI can provide reconditioned equipment solutions across a variety of IT and medical equipment categories, including:

  • PCs
  • Servers
  • Telecommunications equipment (voice, data)
  • Storage
  • Medical imaging (i.e., Radiology, CT, MRI, Cardiac Cath)
Reconditioned Equipment.jpg


Equipment Remarketing

Has corporate restructuring or consolidation left you with an inventory of surplus equipment? If so, FFCI offers equipment remarketing services that can help your organization monetize the residual value of your surplus IT or medical assets. Whether dealing with equipment that has been purchased or leased, a highly skilled team of product specialists can assist you in making the right decisions regarding your equipment assets as they approach the end of their useful life.

Simply provide us with an inventory of your surplus assets (along with basic information such as the OEM, model, and configuration), and we'll help you wring every last dollar of value out of the equipment that your organization no longer requires, thereby reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Asset Management

IT asset management is a fundamental discipline that enables improved cost control and truer understanding of IT's business value, both throughout the IT asset lifecycle and across the enterprise.

FFCI, as a matter of course, provides its customers with baseline asset management capabilities at the inception of each lease schedule, and provides web-based access to your IT asset repository that includes key data such as:

  • Equipment make, model, and serial number
  • Installed location, department, and cost center
  • Lease commencement & termination dates
  • Monthly lease payment
  • Other user-defined fields

The end result is a customized asset management solution that can deliver a myriad of financial and operational benefits, including the following:

  • Improved procurement processes for IT assets
  • Greater control of and visibility to IT assets throughout their useful life (including asset relocation, upgrades, etc.).
  • Enhanced internal charge-back programs, allowing the costs of IT to be accurately billed to departments, end users, & cost centers
  • Greater operations rigor and predictability in managing the refresh and disposition of IT assets at the end of their useful life.

As no two customers IT asset management challenges are the same, FFCI takes a hands-on, consultative approach in identifying the key internal and external business processes by which IT assets are acquired, managed, and refreshed, as well as confirming the internal stakeholders whose buy-in is critical in designing and implementing a comprehensive IT asset management solution.

FFCI will update your asset management from the old-school reactive approach to a proactive approach to managing your business.

FFCI will update your asset management from the old-school reactive approach to a proactive approach to managing your business.