Freedom Profit Recovery

Freedom Profit Recovery (FPR), an affiliate of the freedom companies, is a company with a singular purpose - to independently analyze organizational cost recovery opportunities across key pillars of the traditional back-office operating environment.

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Document Output

While just about all companies produce documents, nearly all of those overspend and lack the valuable resources required to effectively leverage their document output management. This is evidenced by the fact that few companies can accurately quantify their aggregate document output volume or net expense. Few possess the span of expertise required to accurately assess this area of their business.

Our industry-unique tools and analytics places us in a position to most effectively deliver an objective, fact-based assessment of your existing document management environment which ultimately drives the proposed solution and recommendation for your organization.

As independent, cost-recovery based consultants (a.k.a. Managed Savings Providers™), our offering is simple. Unless we are able to successfully deliver hard-dollar savings to you, our client, we earn zero. Period. On top of that, our typical engagement results in a solution that addresses the entire document output infrastructure, which delivers an immediate hard-dollar cost savings from 19% to 35%, day one without one penny of capital spend.


Energy Cost Recovery

No matter who your current energy provider is, all energy is delivered via the same avenue. So why pay the tremendous overhead and fees associated with those "Name Brand" electric companies? As an energy broker, we can deliver the same excellence in energy quality to your company but at a fraction of the cost. How? Since our model is just a value-add to our current offerings, we don't need to charge the high overhead those electric companies do to make a profit. The result, savings of up to 60% on your current energy spend.

This is about more than just reducing your energy rates. This is about analyzing your organization and its energy-consuming infrastructure to identify more efficient cost-effective solutions to your overall energy utilization.

Our team of professional consultants is available to efficiently assist you in avoiding the pitfalls of the electricity marketplace and ensure that you are presented real-time energy solutions that represent daily market rates. With our independent approach we have been able to realize a hard-dollar cost savings of up to 60% on energy spend for our clients.


Telecom Cost Recovery

During a telecom consultation, our experienced professionals will leverage advanced auditing tools for one main objective: saving you money. FPR's industry-unique VISIONAnalysis™ revolves around identifying exactly what services you have, which ones you use and which are unnecessary or obsolete. This allows us to then act upon the information and reap the savings without losing the functionality your company requires.

Our telecom recovery method has a proven track record of reducing telecom costs by 20-60%. Our approach has saved our clients in excess of $100 million. Experience illustrates that approximately 85% of the invoices we analyze uncover errors, overcharges, or discrepancies. We offer our clients the results that only come from experience, stability, proven processes and highly refined methods.

FPR helps our clients realize an improved document output environment. Typically, we are able to deliver an immediate hard-dollar cost improvement of 15-30%. Click above to watch the video.