Healthcare Solutions

The average American hospital barely breaks even, with the median operating margin for hospitals dropping from 3.4% in 2015 to 2.7% in 2016 (Source: Moody's Investor Service). As revenue collected from patient care falls short of funds required to spend on staff, equipment, and infrastructure, controlling expenses is becoming more important than ever in the quest for profitability.


Reconditioned Equipment

As the costs of healthcare continue to escalate for the vast majority of Americans and new government programs attempt to reduce the ranks of the uninsured, controlling the expenses associated with providing quality healthcare has become more important than ever.  As many hospitals and healthcare providers have found, a critical element of this strategy is to cut the costs of acquiring and managing diagnostic, therapeutic, information, and communication systems.

Where these state-of-the-art technologies and systems previously provided a competitive edge while generating profits, high-tech equipment has now become a major cost center.  However, by searching out creative approaches to equipment acquisition, management, and disposition, many healthcare providers have found they can reduce the real cost of delivering services, while ensuring that the right technology is available to better serve patients.

FFCI offers a wide variety of solutions for the acquisition, management, and disposition of diagnostic imaging equipment, specializing in technologies and modalities that include:

  • Cardiac monitoring
  • CT
  • MRI
  • X-ray

By leveraging the reconditioned equipment inventory of FFCI, our clients can ensure that they have the right technology available to better serve their patients, while at the same time dramatically reducing their overall costs of delivering patient care.

Equipment Remarketing

Looking to dispose of surplus or outdated diagnostic imaging or IT assets?  With deep expertise in medical technology and IT infrastructure equipment solutions, FFCI is constantly procuring, refurbishing, and remarketing diagnostic imaging and IT equipment for its customers, or on behalf of our various vendor or trading partners.

With constant price fluctuations in the used market and tighter vendor recertification policies, it’s imperative to remarket off-lease or customer-owned equipment expeditiously. FFCI, through its retail sales force and extensive broker network, has a reputation is a leader in the remarketing of IT and medical equipment on a global basis.

Financing of new and reconditioned technology marketplace not only keeps FFCI tuned into the used marketplace, but it also compliments our remarketing and portfolio management efforts by keeping us continually updated on pricing and future trends in the IT arena.



Data Analytics

Supported by our equipment acquisition, refurbishment, and trading operations, FFCI maintains a real-time database on the features, configurations, and prices on a wide range of new and reconditioned diagnostic imaging equipment.

We then utilize this data to benchmark the configurations and prices our clients are seeing on new equipment against those that FFCI is seeing across the entire market, helping them procure the right technology, at the right time, at the right price.

Furthermore, our leasing and remarketing efforts also help FFCI keep its clients abreast of current pricing and future technology trends in the IT and diagnostic imaging equipment arenas, allowing us to respond quickly with smart, practical solutions tailored to the unique business needs and financial objectives of each client.

Executive Dashboards

Data analytics systems can also be a critical tool in effective expense management. These executive monitoring and reporting tools (also known as "dashboards") can be an important part of managing key business processes and associated data throughout the organization.

An innovator in the development of executive dashboard systems for the healthcare industry, FFCI provides healthcare executives with the ability to meld data from disparate systems and provide a single, unified view from which to make management decisions based up accurate, real time data. 

With the benefit of technology innovation, we can accurately display your data in a graphical "manager-friendly" dashboard. By collecting your raw data and presenting it in an efficient manner, relationships and projections can be displayed without the use of cumbersome spreadsheets and the man hours that were previously required to create and update them. 

Effective utilization of your assets can only be attained through accurate reporting. Given access to your raw data, we can analyze outcomes that show you not only actual utilization, but actual effectiveness by region, hospital and physician. 

Our goal is to implement valuable, efficient tools that will be actively depended upon to give enterprise wide knowledge, where outcomes can be measured, and decisions are based upon accurate and timely information that has previously not been available.

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Patient Information & Entertainment.jpg

Patient Information & Entertainment

As an experienced solutions provider to the healthcare industry, FFCI’s Patient Information & Entertainment Solutions (PIE) can dramatically enhance the quality of the overall patient experience, while allowing the modern hospital to inexpensively and conveniently expand the array of services it offers its patients.  As technology becomes more ubiquitous in our society, making internet service available to patients (and their families) during inpatient stays should no longer be viewed as a luxury, but as a requirement.

Providing internet service for patients can be challenging, with many factors to be considered: ease of use, reliability, speed, and most importantly, security.  To that end, rather than allow patients to access the internet via the hospital’s local area network (LAN), the optimum solution is to establish a second network for patient use.

In collaboration with established healthcare technology solution providers, FFCI provides hospitals with a separate network for patient and guest use, inclusive of all hardware and software required to provide the service.  After using their laptop to access the network, the patient will be taken to a hospital-branded “home page”, which will provide instructions on accessing the web.

Robust content filtering can restrict access to specific types of websites (i.e., gambling, pornography, etc.), while software automatically detects, isolates, and quarantines computer viruses so they are not spread across the network.  Complete 7x24x365 support is available to help patients resolve any technical difficulties they may experience in accessing or utilizing the network.