Choosing a capable business partner can often be a difficult task, especially in a market that many view as a commodity service – structured financing.

The fact is that any viable financing company is going to provide competitive rates; the challenge is how to identify the partner who can provide a degree of value-added that extends well beyond the lease rate factor, one that can be a true partner in the growth and success of your business.

FFCI offers a number of strategic advantages that our competitors cannot easily match. The following provides a few examples of these key business differentiators:

Robust Master Lease

Freedom Financial Consulting's master lease agreement (MLA) has been specifically designed to reduce the legal and administrative time and expense often found in more complex MLA negotiations.  The result of more than 10 years of diligent legal research performed by the FFCI management team, our MLA is easy to understand and equally easy to administer, and features flexible terms and conditions from lease inception through end of term.

Industry Trends & Acquisition Services

Your supplier tells you that you’re getting their best possible price, but how do you really know for sure?  By leveraging FFCI’s innovative “Market Watch” service, which helps our customers acquire high-tech equipment at the most aggressive pricing possible.  How do we do it? By comparing your suppliers’ pricing to similar configurations we’ve recently financed for our customers, we can advise you on the competitiveness of your pricing in the open market, data which can then be used to negotiate more aggressive discounts from your suppliers.

As partners in each financing transaction, we “sit on the same side of the table” with your organization.  Where we’re successful in helping you negotiate lower equipment acquisition costs, your organization benefits from reduced payments, while FFCI benefits from a reduction in the equity (residual) we invest in each asset financed.  Throughout the asset lifecycle, we maintain a shared interest in each and every transaction financed for our customers, reducing acquisition costs across the entire asset lifecycle while maximizing the business benefits of their technology investments.  

Manufacturer Independence

Unlike captive leasing companies whose mission is to support the equipment sales efforts of their parent organization, FFCI is an independent lessor that prides itself on our ability to provide unbiased recommendations on each of your technology investments.  Our focus is your success, and financing the right solution for your business irrespective of make, model, or manufacturer.

Remarketing Strength

FFCI can assist you in evaluating your existing inventory of surplus or soon-to-be surplus assets, and through our extensive broker and distributor network help you dispose of and monetize the residual value of these assets.  We can also provide your organization with access to our vast inventory of pre-leased IT and diagnostic imaging equipment, for those business needs that may not require the “latest and greatest” technology.

Asset Management

Integral to driving down total cost of ownership (TCO) for IT assets is the establishment of a sound asset management program.  FFCI provides its customers with the ability to view each lease (and all associated assets) from point of lease commencement through the end of term.

Customer-Centric Approach

At FFCI, we pride ourselves on first understanding our customers’ business and technology goals, then developing solutions designed to meet those same goals over the lifecycle of each lease – from commencement through end-of-term.  We strive to understand the attributes you look for in an ideal business partner, then work tirelessly to exceed your expectations for the value a solutions provider can bring.